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On this page you can access the admissions policies of all the academies that make up the Yorkshire and the Humber Cooperative Learning Trust. 

The Board of Trustees have responsibility under the trust’s articles of association for controlling its management and administration. They have responsibility for directing its affairs, and for ensuring that it is solvent, well-run and delivering the trust’s charitable outcomes for the benefit of the public.

For applications for reception places at any of our Primary Schools please apply via the local authority.

If you will apply for a place at one of our secondary academies in your child’s last year of primary school, you must also make your application to the Local Authority and not directly to the academy

For ‘in-year’ admissions to Kelvin Hall please contact Mrs Harrison on 01482 342229.

For in-year admissions for all other YHCLT academies please contact the Local authority.

If you wish to talk to the Local Authority Admissions Team, their telephone number is 01482 300300. Alternatively follow the link below to the local authority website page dealing with admissions.

Admission Policies